Foreclosure Litigation

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Enforce Your Rights in Foreclosure Litigation

Our courts remain flooded with foreclosures that have been languishing in the court system for years. In many instances the documents filed in these foreclosure actions reflect poor attention to details and mistakes that encourage a vigorous defense. Rather than simply rolling over when faced with a foreclosure action prepared as if it was generated on an assembly line, get someone in your corner who knows your rights and can enforce them. In Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and Broward County, my firm, Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A. can help enforce your rights against any party attempting to infringe upon them.

Foreclosure Representation in Palm Beach & Broward County

Properties that have been foreclosed are now sold through auctions conducted by the Clerk's office. Every day scores of properties are sold by auction. As in the foreclosure proceeding itself, there are often disputes that arise in the foreclosure sale process. Problems arising with the foreclosure sale process and problems discovered in the foreclosure action itself can lead to or warrant an objection to a foreclosure sale, Successful bidders at foreclosure sale often face claims by homeowner or condominium associations for substantial amounts of unpaid assessments that may not be owed or may include amounts not owed. Whether you are the successful bidder at the foreclosure sale or a plaintiff or defendant in the foreclosure action, it is critical to have an effective advocate knowledgeable of the current state of the law concerning the foreclosure sale process. Palm Beach County litigation attorney, Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A. can assert or defend any objection to the foreclosure sale to protect an investment or prevent the loss of property.

Competent Representation of Foreclosure Litigants

In each and every foreclosure litigation matter, I communicate regularly with my clients so that we can work together to produce a positive outcome. I refuse to stand by or allow my clients' rights and interests to be undermined or delayed. With over 35 years of experience in real estate litigation, I have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this dispute and come out of it successful.

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Whatever your needs, you can be sure I will understand your unique case and be an effective legal representative. You will also be actively involved in the resolution of your case and you can depend on regular communication about the progress being made on your behalf. If you are facing foreclosure litigation and are in need of competent legal assistance and advice, contact Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A.

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