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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a lease agreement governs the use and enjoyment of the real estate described in the lease. A lease agreement is a contract as well as an interest in real estate. The laws that govern contracts in general as well as the laws that apply specifically to real estate interests come into play through the lease agreement. Like any contract, a well drafted lease agreement is the best defense against disputes between landlords and tenants, but sometimes it is not enough to keep both parties on the same page.

How Are Issues Resolved Between Landlords and Tenants?

If you are involved in a lease dispute, retaining me as your Boca Raton business lawyer can help you on your way to a swift, satisfactory conclusion. I offer services to help both landlords and tenants safeguard their respective interests and get to a place of resolution. I bring a wealth of expertise in the field of landlord-tenant law and have assisted through all phases of the relationship, from preparing a thorough lease agreement to resolving conflicts that can arise after the lease has been signed.

I take into consideration the landlord's rights as a property owner as well as the tenant's rights to a stable and safe business or living environment. The relationship between landlords and tenants doesn't have to be rocky, but when it becomes that way, the most important thing to realize is that both parties have made a financial investment in each other. By delving into the terms of your lease and reviewing the facts of your specific case, I can provide effective representation that gets to the heart of the disagreement between landlords and tenants. A cost-effective solution will be important.

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A case evaluation at Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A., is the first step to achieving a cost-conscious result that protects the rights and financial interests of the parties in the landlord-tenant relationship. When you submit your case, I review the facts in light of Florida real estate and landlord-tenant law and draw on my nearly three decades of experience to envision the best result and work with you to make it a reality.

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