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Protecting Business Owners from Deceptive Practices

There are many ways to commit fraud and deception, including misrepresentations of material facts made to cause a party to enter into a contract they would not enter into if they knew the truth. Another type of fraud is the nondisclosure of material facts which a party conceals from another party that results in damage to the party to whom disclosure of the truth was not made. Deceptive and unfair trade practices affect businesses and consumers alike.

Although either an individual or a business can suffer economic losses because of fraud, the next step for any party should be the same: contacting a Palm Beach County fraud lawyer who can provide competent legal advice to minimize your losses and recover damages on your behalf. At Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A., I bring decades of experience in this complex area of business litigation. If you have suffered as a result of fraud, deceit, unfair or deceptive trade practices, I am dedicated to making right the wrong committed upon you.

Protecting Fraud Victims in Palm Beach County

The types of fraud that can have devastating consequences for businesses and consumers include:

  • False Representations of Fact
  • Unfair, Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Fraudulent Nondisclosure
  • Breach of Trust or Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Business and Consumer Fraud
  • Conversion and Civil Theft

Were you victimized or accused of fraud in Palm Beach or Broward County?

Fraud claims are usually fact intensive and require a thorough investigation to uncover the key facts that were known or should have been known to the party who misrepresented the facts or failed to disclose them, either deliberately or negligently. Such cases require the services of a Palm Beach County and Boca Raton business attorney with expertise in the field. In addition to establishing all the other required elements of a fraud claim, the element of damages must be carefully examined so that every potential source of recovery and every responsible party are aggressively pursued. With a case evaluation at Gregg H. Glickstein, P.A., clients can rest assured the facts of their case will be thoroughly reviewed and that their rights will be protected.

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