Unlawful Interference

Unlawful Interference Claims in Boca Raton

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Unlawful interference, also known as tortious interference, occurs when a third party wrongfully interferes with an existing contractual or advantageous business relationship between two parties. The third party, usually, but not always, a competitor, may interfere by unjustly disparaging the reputation of a business, disrupting performance of a contract or business relationship, encouraging an outright breach of an enforceable contract, or participating in another wrongful action that impedes or interferes with the parties' ongoing performance of their contract or the continuation of their business relationship.

Proving Tortious Interference

While sometimes the lines can get blurred between fair competition and tortious interference, there is a distinct difference. The elements of a cause of action for tortious interference with a business relationship are

  • the existence of a business relationship,
  • the defendant's knowledge of the relationship,
  • the defendant's intentional and unjustified interference with the relationship and
  • damage to the plaintiff as a result of the breach of the relationship.

If all these elements are established by competent evidence, the plaintiff may be entitled to win compensation for all economic losses sustained and potential punitive damages for the interfering party. Both the party that breached the contract and the interfering party may be litigated against by the plaintiff, as each contributed to the economic loss.

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